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Air Quality Testing Services

Air quality testing is the most accurate and trusted process in determining what’s in the air you breathe.

The environment in which you live and work plays an important part in your overall health and well-being. Elite Restoration offers indoor air quality testing services to help you idnetify issues related to environmental contaminants. 

Our one-of-a-kind air sampling procedure starts a free on-site inspection to determine the best sampling location. Our testing equipment is non-invasive and can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

Unlike other air quality testing companies, we rely on a third party microbiologist to analyze each sample. Elite Restoration will NEVER analyze mold samples to avoid conflict and ensure accuracy. Call today to learn more about what Elite Restoration can do for you!

We Test For:

  • Mold & Fungal Spores
  • Mold Spore quantity & Species
  • Allergens
  • Pollens
  • Animal Danders
  • Fiber count

Do You Have Mold or Water Damage?

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Our Air Quality Testing Process

Indoor Air Quality Inspection & Consultation

We begin the indoor air quality testing process by investigating any areas of concern that you may have. We will assess these spots to identify any possible sources of malodor or contamination to the air. 

Air Sampling & Collection

Next, Elite Restoration collects an air sample and surface samples for analysis. Testing will pinpoint any specific contaminants.

Air Quality Investigation & Mitigation

Our air quality testing services experts pride themselves on being thorough. We will complete a comprehensive investigation of any water damage and moisture issues. We also inspect air ducts and associated equipment for potential sources of contamination. When the source is found, we generate a plan to mitigate any related issues contributing to poor air quality.

Clearance Testing

We measure ambient air quality ranges for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, humidity, and bacteria. Clearance testing ensures that air quality has improved.