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Howard WI

Howard WI is a village that sits on the border of Brown and Outagamie counties in Wisconsin. The area is home to roughly 20,000 residents, sitting 5 miles southeast of Green Bay. The village was once a town and was referred to as Duck Creek as an ode to the winding waterway that slices through the village, before being incorporated in the late 1950’s.

A Brief History of Howard WI

Long before the arrival of European settlers, the area that is now known as Howard was inhabited by a number of Native American tribes. The first recorded European to explore the area was a Frenchman by the name of Jean Nicolet.

The area was fought over during the French and Indian War of 1754-1763 and then 50 years later during the War of 1812 when the US took control. The United States eventually built Fort Howard and the town was founded just a couple decades later on Duck Creek.

The area around Duck Creek was slowly developed as a center for mail delivery, farming, quarrying and lumbering. Throughout the modern history of the area, stone quarries played a role with the last quarry closing down in 2002.

Things To Do in Howard WI

The thing about Howard, and the Green Bay area in general, is that it offers incredible access to the beautiful nature that surrounds the village. Some of the most impressive displays of this nature include the Brown County WI Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve, which expands over nearly 1000 acres, and Wequiock Falls.

If you are looking to explore the village, maybe grab a bite to eat or drink a local brew, head by the Narrow Bridge Brewhouse.  This staple in Howard offers finger licking comfort food, a great local beer selection, and live shows.



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Water removal, or water extraction, is the first step to mitigating your water loss.  Elite Restoration’s water extraction technicians arrive shortly after your call, 24/7/365, to rid your home of moisture.

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Water restoration services return your Howard WI home or business to its pre-loss condition. Call us for total water damage cleanup and water restoration services.

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A flood introduces harmful bacteria and pathogens into your space. Elite Restoration offers 24/7 emergency flood damage cleanup services to restore the space and get you back in your property.

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Mold is hazardous to your health and deteriorates the surfaces and materials in your property. We offer comprehensive mold removal and mold remediation services.

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The air you breathe is important. Elite Restoration provides air quality testing services in Howard WI and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule testing.


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